Watch the vice presidential debate in full

Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic challenger Sen. Kamala Harris appeared in their first and only debate ahead of the 2020 general election Wednesday night, covering several topics, including the coronavirus pandemic, the economy, climate change, the Supreme Court and racial injustice.

The 90-minute faceoff appeared significantly more cordial than President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s first presidential debate, but Pence and Harris still clashed on key issues, including the Trump administration's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the idea of packing the Supreme Court were Biden to be elected.

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The debate, held at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, took place as Trump recovers at the White House after testing positive last week for the coronavirus and spending three days at Walter Reed Military Medical Center.

Harris and Pence were separated by a transparent barrier of plexiglass to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission on stage. The candidates appeared on stage exactly 12.25 feet apart, and audience members were required to wear masks.

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Here is a list of the topics covered during the charged political event:

Coronavirus Economy
Climate change
Presidential transparency
Health care
Foreign policy
Supreme court
Election integrity
Racial justice/law and order
Peaceful transfer of power
Civility in political discourse

Watch the full debate to see the candidates speak on each issue in the video above.