Was your name used for fake net neutrality comments?

At least 2 million comments submitted to the FCC's net neutrality public-comment system are not only fake but illegally used the identities of real people, according to New York's attorney general.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman had urged the FCC to delay its vote to roll back net neutrality rules because the fake comments but the commission went ahead anyway.

Thousands of people have filed reports with the Attorney General's Office about identities used to post fake comments on the FCC's vote, Schneiderman said.

"For months the FCC refused to help us get to the bottom of what happened. That's why we asked New Yorkers to help," Schneiderman said in a recent statement. "And in the last few days alone, thousands of Americans and hundreds of New Yorkers have reported that their identities were misused."

New York legal authorities want you to check if your identity was used to post comments and if so to submit a report.

"The Office of the New York State Attorney General is investigating whether public comments regarding net neutrality rules wrongfully used New Yorkers' identities without their consent," the AG's office wrote on its website. "We encourage you to search the FCC's public comment website and tell us if you see any comments that misuse your name and address."

HOW TO TAKE ACTION: To see if your identity has been misused, go to this webpage and enter your name. Click on any results that show your name and address. If you did not submit that comment, you can go to this page to file a report with the New York attorney general.