Volunteers work to assemble repair kits for Puerto Rico homes

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Volunteers gathered in Covington to assemble thousands of kits to help families in Puerto Rico begin to make repairs on their homes.

Habitat for Humanity said it will send 2,000 shelter repair kits to hurricane victims on the storm-ravaged island.

Each kit will include tarps, gloves, a hammer, and nails, all items that will help families begin the long repair process.

"We have a Habitat, a local Habitat entity in Puerto Rico and we worked closely with them to work out what type of houses need repairs and we worked on that as far as the materials and the items that went in the kit," said Nevil Eastwood, Habitat for Humanity.

The kits are part of Habitat For Humanity's Habitat Hammers Back Campaign. The organization has pledged to help more than 2,000 families in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.