Vodka made in Manhattan

Memorial Day weekend is here and you may need a drink or two. How does vodka sound? If that's your kind of drink then Our/New York is your place.

The vodka distillery just opened its doors. It's the seventh one to open around the country and world. Each one takes its city's name. Our/New York Is a bar, shop, and distillery.

"You can come in and learn how vodka is made I don't think people know how is made," said David Ortiz, one of the partners. He said that opening Our/New York took a while. But this is a big deal because it is the first legal distillery to open in Manhattan since prohibition, he said.

Our/New York started producing vodka last week and has stocked shelves with more than 2,000 bottles.

So how is it made? The ingredients are New York City tap water, low wine from Sweden, and a raw distillant sourced from upstate New York.

If you like the taste you can buy a bottle on site for $22.95. You'll see the label in liquor stores in June.