Vinyl Nights dance parties

Music and dancing filled 33rd Street outside Madison Square Garden, an area known as Plaza 33.  The outdoor concert “revolves” around the 45 vinyl record, affectionately named Vinyl Nights.  It’s a massive dance party where DJ’s spin all music genres from 1972 to 1992 every Thursday night until mid-September.

“This is the greatest party in New York City,” said “Karloz” from the Bronx.

“I love the idea they use vinyl” said Cheena Gallagher from East Orange.

Two hours before the records start spinning, DJ Boogie Blind of the World Famous Heavy Hitters is getting the records set up while crews hook up the speakers, turn table and a sparkly Disco ball at Plaza 33.

“Primarily all classic hits that shaped the club culture from 1972 to 1992.  It brings you back to that time,” said Operator Emz, a disc jockey.

“We take this party, which started at Bowery Electric, outside.  We’re here every Thursday playing every genre on vinyl.  House, hip hop, 80’s, 90’s, if it makes you dance, come here.  You’ll be dancing all night long,” said Rebecca Lynn Seise, the Vinyl Nights brand manager.

“It’s the music, the vibe, the people.  It’s a huge family,” said Gallagher.

“Every Thursday I’m here, religiously,” said “Karloz”.