Vinyl makes a comeback, record store experiences increased demand

Jamal Annasr has been on Bleeker street in Greenwich Village selling records for more than 30 years, and he’s seen the items in his shop go in and out of demand.

"There is a big demand for what you call vintage. Came back to life definitely," Annasr said.

He tells FOX 5 as his gets older he finds the customers dropping getting younger and younger demanding records older than the store itself.

"Really people miss that vintage look on the physical copy of vinyl. Buying a vinyl you buy a whole idea. The lyrics' artwork sound, the whole idea which is great," said Annasr.

It’s not just vinyl records making a comeback.

 (Photo by Eric BARADAT / AFP via Getty Images)

"I feel like vintage in general is coming back. A lot of denim a lot of distressing, a lot of grinding dirty revisited things are coming back," one shopper shared.

A boom in vintage tech has stores dusting off decades-old devices, including CD players, Polaroid cameras, flip phones and MP3 players, have skyrocketed in sales over the last few years.

"The iPod is one there's been a ton of interest from that, you know, in terms of the Urban Outfitters offering. I think something else that's really interesting to me is, you know, as we get more complex in the digital world, like we're saying there is charm in those retro devices," added Johnathan Geller, the President of Boy Genius Report.

Gen Z is leading the charge reviving the antique age.

"There’s also this connection to nostalgia. We have parents that grew up with different forms of technology so it’s a way to connect with them," added a Gen Zer.

That demand brings a freshness to an older record shop like Village Revival Records happily taking customers back to the future.

"That gives me hope. That give me a lot of hope," Annasr expressed.