VIEW: GM's latest offer to the UAW

General Motors shared highlights of its latest offer to the UAW as the strike nears one month.

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Though some parts of the offer have been in existing offers, others, such as the reinstatement of cost of living adjustments, are new.

This offer comes as the Big Three have been facing more additions to the picket line. Last week, GM narrowly avoided the union targeting its Arlington, Texas plant after agreeing to put its battery manufacturing plants under the UAW master agreement


'A transformative win': GM agrees to put EV battery plants under UAW national master agreement

GM agreed to put its electronic vehicle battery manufacturing plants under the UAW national master agreement Friday, just as the union was about to strike at the automaker's Arlington Assembly Plant.


GM said regular employees who are UAW members will get a 20% wage increase over the life of the contract, with a 10% raise in the first year. Most regular, full-time employees will make $39.24 in base wages by the end of the contract. 

Temporary employees' wages will be increased to $20 an hour.

Cost of living adjustments will be restored for employees at the max wage in the second year. This is a new change - as of Friday's update with UAW President Shawn Fain, the automaker hadn't yet agreed to restore cost of living adjustments.

Retirement benefits

The automaker said it will increase its company contribution from 6.4% to 8% of wages for in-progression progression. It will also increase its contribution for healthcare in retirement from $1 to $1.25 for active in-progression employees. 

GM will also make a $1,000 payment to active traditional employees' contribution plans.

Temp/in-progress employees

In addition to the wage increase for temporary employees, all active, full-time temporary employees who have worked one year would be converted to step-one in the progression.

GM said the progression timeline to max pay will be cut in half to four years.

Time off

GM highlighted a previously shared time off plan, which includes the addition of Juneteenth as a holiday, two weeks of paid paternal leave, and up to five weeks of vacation.

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