Video: Thief on scooter steals dog in Queens

Carlos Gil, 75, of Queens says he feels terrible because a thief stole his dog right in front of him.

Video from a security camera shows Gil standing outside his Ozone Park home when a man on a scooter pulls up to admire Gil's mini pit bull named Off White. 

The man pets the dog for several minutes, the video shows. When Gil turns around to let his other dog inside, the stranger grabs Off White and drives away. Gill can be seen trying to stop the thief.

Alonzo Gil, Carlos's great-nephew, said he was working in the backyard when this happened on Saturday. "It's like someone took another family member from us not just a pet," Alonzo said. "He's like another child, another toddler. We dress him up in outfits — he wears Adidas, Nikes."

The Ozone Park Block Association posted an account of what happened on its Facebook page and has been hanging posters in the neighborhood hoping that someone comes forward with information.

The NYPD is investigating.