VIDEO: Impatient Obama waits for straggler Clinton to board Air Force One

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Some rules in politics and governance are pretty unbreakable. Like this one: Never keep the president of the United States waiting. But someone did just that in Israel Friday and appeared to get away with it. (Story continues below)

Sky News captured video of President Barack Obama standing in the doorway of Air Force One impatiently waiting for this one passenger who was holding them up: Former President Bill Clinton. The two were in Jerusalem attending the funeral or former Israeli President Shimon Peres.

The video shows Obama clapping and waving, saying "Bill! Let's go, I'll take you home!" He even walked out onto the mobile stairs to wave at Clinton, who then climbed the stairs, opened his arms, and gave a the president a kind of side hug as they entered the plane.

Clinton is known for his tarmac socializing, of course. 

Watch the full video here.