VIDEO: Horror movie gets the better of Jack Russell

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(Instagram @iammaylo)

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - One little dog is putting a new spin on the term 'scaredy-cat.'

The Jack Russell Terrier named Maylo was watching the horror film The Conjuring with his owner when the film got the better of him.

In the video posted to Instagram, Maylo is seen attentively watching the movie on the couch when a demonic-looking woman appears on screen with a scary growl.

That's where Maylo's bravery ends as the little pooch is seen cowering behind the pillows on the couch while his owner chuckles.

The Instagram post, written as if Maylo wrote it, suggests it wasn't the woman who scared him at all.

"I wasn't scared at all - just, the woman in a movie was so ugly, so I didn't wanna kill my future sex life, that's all - but swear I wasn't afraid ... :/ , noo man, shut up, I said I wasn't....(guys, tag ur scary movie lover friends) (sic)," the post reads.

The video has racked up nearly 11,000 views on Instagram.