Video evidence in Ahmad Khan Rahimi trial

While prosecutors present their case against alleged pressure cooker bomber Ahmad Khan Rahimi, the jurors are getting a very detailed look at Rahimi's whereabouts via surveillance video dating back months before the pressure cooker bomb in Chelsea injured 30 people.

We sat down to review the video with Manny Gomez, a former special agent for the FBI, to review the video evidence, from the bombing itself and also months before at Home Depot in New Jersey where he spent three hours.

Surveillance video shows a man alleged to be Rahimi driving though a toll. Then eventually arriving at Penn Station with a backpack on, and two bags in tow. Another camera shows him leaving Penn Station. And as we get closer to the explosion we have him nearing the location with both bags, then in another camera he leaves that location with one of the bags missing. Then, the explosion.

Gomez said that from a legal standpoint prosecutors have cornered Rahimi and his defense.

Just as surveillance video played a prominent role in investigating the Chelsea bombing, it is also one of the main focuses of the Las Vegas massacre. With little known of the gunman's motives, videos are being scoured to get a sense of his state of mind.

To give us an example of how many opportunities there are, Gomez and I walked just half a Manhattan block. Gomez said he spotted at least half a dozen cameras.