Video: Deaf woman refused service by 'Jack In The Box' employee

Video posted to Facebook on September 8 showed a woman being refused service by a Jack In The Box employee when she attempted to place an order at the fast food restaurant in Campbell, California, on August 31.

ReVae Arnaud-Jensen, who has been deaf since birth, according to local reports, tried to order a meal at the drive-through section of the restaurant. As she was unable to hear through the speaker to place her order, she drove up to the window where the video shows her explaining to an employee that she is “deaf.”

The employee can be heard telling her to return to the speaker to replace her order.

“I’m deaf, I can’t hear”, Arnaud-Jensen, who can also communicate through lip reading and sign language, says before the employee begins to argue with her and insist that she “move”.

At one point in the video, the employee laughs and makes a series of hand gestures. In her post, Arnaud-Jensen describes them as “mocking gestures.” When Arnaud-Jensen insists that she be served, the employee shuts the window and leaves.

Arnaud-Jensen “sat there for two hours,” according to her post on Facebook, but never received her food, she told Storyful.

The employee was fired as a result of the incident, according to local media, citing a statement from the company.