Video: Bear breaks into house with residents inside

A family in Northern California shared video from a security camera of a bear breaking into their home with two teen boys and one of the boys' mother inside.

The bear is seen entering and opening the refrigerator in the kitchen and checking out the kitchen counter of the house in Truckee, outside Lake Tahoe.

"The fridge started to beep because it was open too long," said Hayes Sherman. "And that's when I went to Bobby and I said Bobby there is a bear in our house. We accidentally left the garage open, the garage open that night. And so it came in through the garage."

The boy called 911 from his smartwatch.

At one point, the bear tried to get into their room.

"It banged on the door. It scratched on the door and that was definitely the scariest moment of my life and Bobby told me it was the scariest moment of his life," said Sherman.

"If that bear broke out that door, uh, with us holding it we entered our room, we had no idea what we would have done," said Bobby Harden.

The bear even sat down on the living room floor, apparently eating something it had found in the kitchen.

A sheriff arrived, knocked the door down, fired a rubber bullet and the bear ran off.