Video: 5-year-old impresses with encyclopedic knowledge of national flags

Devon Tornetta likes flags, but that’s a bit of an understatement.

This five-year-old probably knows more about flags than most adults, and he showcases that vast knowledge in a video his dad, Richard Tornetta, posted on his YouTube channel on Aug. 4.

Devon got a special delivery of national flags to add to his collection, according to his father.

As he starts to pull out the flags, Devon is able to roll off the names of the countries for each one with amazing ease, “Wow,” Devon is heard as he presents the first few flags, “Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Aruba, Iceland, I really wanted this one!”

He goes on to name all of the flags, with some pronunciation assistance from his dad. 

Devon’s father said the original video of the unboxing was 17 minutes long as his son couldn’t help but “to do a dance after he got each flag” correct.

This isn’t Devon’s first time showing his expansive knowledge on flags. His father recorded a similar video with another batch of flags back in July. 

Storyful contributed to this report.