Veterinarians give free eye exams to service dogs

Seeing eye dogs are proof of just how much man’s best friend can really mean to us. But if your job is to see for someone else, that means you need to make sure your eyesight is in good condition.

That’s why all over the country, the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists is offering free eye exams for service dogs. Jessica Stine, a veterinary ophthalmologist in Florida, is performing eye exams on more than two dozen service dogs herself.

“Their eyes are such an important part of their job. We want to make sure they’re healthy,” Stine told Fox 13 Tampa Bay.

One of those dogs is Liberty, a 5-year-old female yellow Lab. As a well-trained service dog, it’s not surprising the Liberty has a no problem spending time with the vet-- and as it turns out, her eyes are doing just great. 

That’s good news for Liberty, and for the people she helps every day.