Veronica Beard: The 2 women behind the brand

Meet Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard, co-founders of Veronica Beard. They're sisters-in-law with the same name, who created a brand in New York to celebrate women and make their lives easier.

They describe their brand as iconic classic pieces that last a lifetime: things women can wear from morning till night and for everything they deal with in between, so they can run their households and their businesses without having to worry about what to wear.

The Veronicas married brothers, and say one of the best parts about having the same name is that they can be in two different places at the same time. The sisters-in-law and "mom-trepreneurs" have 8 kids between them.

They launched Veronica Beard in 2010 to help other women get out the door looking great so they can get on with their busy lives.

Veronica Swanson Beard says it's all about life hacks. How can they create those problem-solving pieces in your wardrobe that you grab first thing in the morning?

Their first life hack? The dickey jacket. Veronica Miele Beard says they started with one jacket that took different kinds of dickeys. The jacket has a zipper, covered by grosgrain so it wears well with a t-shirt and doesn't scratch you. They didn't know if the dickey would take off, but they gave it a try.

Gisele bought them.

J. Lo bought them.

Gwyneth Paltrow bought them.

And Veronica Beard was on the map.

Then, they made a bold business move that opened up Veronica Beard to a lot more customers. Four years ago, they cut their prices by 30 percent. Their business went through the roof.

Today, Veronica Beard has two stores in New York: one on Madison Avenue and another on Greene Street in SoHo.

They just opened a shop in Dallas, Texas.

And they've expanded from dickey jackets to a full line of clothes, jeans, and shoes. Veronica Miele Beard says they wanted to evolve the brand. Everyone still goes back to that classic jacket, but what's the dress that's going to be the pow? What's the blouse or the print of the season? Or the jean or the shoe?

In September, they launched The Slash Series, a campaign starring InStyle Editor in Chief Laura Brown, model and activist Maya Samuelsson, and supermodel Carolyn Murphy. In the campaign, Murphy talks about being a mother, horse lover, and an artist. But she says, most people don't know that she's a surfer because of her image and career as a model.

The Veronicas say the Slash Series celebrates the many sides of women that they love.

They're also celebrating and empowering women through a program they have called VB Gives Back. Each month they host a woman and the charity she's passionate about, and donate $10 from every online order to her charity of choice.