Vandals target anti-Trump billboard in Phoenix

A billboard with an anti-Donald Trump message has become the target of vandals in Phoenix.

The billboard, which stands near Grand Avenue and Fillmore Street, has been vandalized by paintballs. The now-vandalized billboard, which shows a picture of Donald Trump with mushroom clouds in the background and dollar signs that resemble swastikas, has been a lightning rod for controversy and has attracted international attention.

Susan Nichols, who has a shop across the street on Grand Avenue, said she is not happy about the act of vandalism.

"I think everybody is entitled to their opinion," said Nichols. "But vandalizing is not the way to go."

Beatrice Moore, who owns the billboard, politely declined to comment on the incident. Meanwhile, Phoenix Police said they have not been contacted about the incident.

>>VIDEO: FOX 10's Steve Krafft reports from the scene near Grand Ave. & Fillmore