Valley veteran cooks breakfast for the homeless

Nestled in the corner of the parking lot of Bonsall park near 59th Avenue and Bethany Home Road in Glendale is the smallest kitchen you might ever see with a chef who is giving back in the biggest way you might every know.

"I get blessings from the Lord like you wouldn't believe from doing this," Marvin Fergeson said.

Every Tuesday and Sunday at 6:30 a.m., retired Air Force Staff Sgt. Marvin Fergeson fires up his flat top grill and cooks breakfast for the homeless.

"I was sitting at the breakfast table one day, I heard this voice say, 'Marvin, you need to go down and feed the homeless,'" he said.

The 72-year-old, who owned a restaurant after four tours of service, didn't think his pockets were deep enough, but he says by some miracle for two years and three months he's been at it and there's never been a shortage of food.

"I serve what, between 50 and 60 meals," he said.

Neighbor Jess Hernandez, a retired Marine, started helping out his fellow veteran a few months back and says he gets as much from the meals as anyone else.

"He's amazing," Hernandez said. "The world needs more people like Marvin."

Marvin's generosity and friendship does not go unnoticed. They are more appreciated than the eggs, bacon and pancakes he serves.

"Well, I'm just trying to help," he said. "I spent my whole life in service serving people. I know Americans and I just saw these guys and felt sorry for them."