UT students use sex toys to protest 'Campus Carry' law

"Armed with reason," "No campus carry"  -- These were some of the more G-Rated signs at Wednesday's "Gun Free UT" rally.  A great number of the protesters were "armed" with something else: sex toys.
"We're just fighting the absurdity with absurdity and we're just trying to point out how crazy it is," said Rosie Zander with the University Democrats.

"Sex objects are stigmatized and so we were trying to fight like if this makes you uncomfortable, how uncomfortable are we with guns in our classrooms?" she said.

The group, which we can't say the actual name of on television...started planning the sex toy protest because they say it doesn't make sense that obscene things like sex toys aren't allowed on campus but guns are.  Jessica Jin came up with the idea last October.

"I've been doing this for 10 months now and getting harassed every single day, I get threats, I get people saying they would love to see me hurt and to be proven wrong just because I spoke out against something," Jin said.

Nicole Golden with the Austin chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America spoke at the rally on the west mall.

"We applaud Jessica for using art and irony and others like her to address these real issues that are happening and affecting people," Golden said.

Moms Demand Action fought against campus carry.  She says they'll keep fighting.

"We'll just continue to fight gun extremism because that's what campus carry is.  Open carry and permit-less carry are all examples of this gun extremism that is becoming law in our state that the majority of people and Texans I don't think want," she said.

A young man who only wanted to go by "John" says he's a UT student planning on getting a gun license soon.  He supports campus carry and stood nearby with a sign clearing up some of the misconceptions.

"For example, many students here still believe that this law is just now allowing them to carry guns on campus...but it's been that way for the last 20 years," he said.

The new law allows guns into campus buildings as well with some exceptions.
John says he doesn't understand the sex toy protest because the protestors were carrying them openly.  Campus carry requires firearms be concealed.