Useful apps for students

It's that time of year again. Students are heading back to school and many of them couldn't imagine doing it without their screens. When it comes to studying, just hitting the books is so 10 years ago. Now if you want to excel it's all about what apps to download.

One recent study found that 77 percent of students say using their phones and iPad actually helped improve their grades. DropBox is great because the free app makes it easy to save and share all of your documents through one secure location.

Tech expert and Fitech CEO Iam Marlow says with so many good study apps out there do your research. Free apps like Evernote are great but Marlow says don't hesitate to pay.

There's also the quintessential college app Sleep If You Can. Once the alarm goes off it makes you take the exact same picture as previously set in order to turn the alarm off.

One of the coolest apps out there now is Fast Scanner. This app uses the camera on your device to scan documents and export them into PDFs you can email or print.

Older generations didn't even smart phones and we turned out just fine, right?