Upper East Side launches 'curb your dog' contest

Dog poop on the sidewalk has become a major frustration for New Yorkers across the city, but especially on the Upper East Side. 

In response, City Council Member Julie Menin is launching the "Curb Your Dog" contest, which kicks off Wednesday and is open to residents of District 5 on the Upper East Side.

Those eligible to enter are encouraged to submit creative graphic designs and slogans for the councilwoman’s new cleanup campaign.

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A Curb Your Dog law was passed back in 1978. Those who break it face a $250 fine for failing to clean up dog poop left on sidewalks or other public spaces. 

The curb your dog contest runs through April 22. The winner will be announced on May 1st.

The most creative design will be displayed all across parts of the UES, from buildings to schools and parks.