Taylor Swift course at University of Houston offers business lessons themed around different albums

The University of Houston Bauer College of Business will be offering an entrepreneurship course in 2024 that will be focused on business lessons from Taylor Swift. 


The Entrepreneurial Genius of Taylor Swift course will be themed around a different album- or Era- of the pop star's career. The course will be taught by Kelly McCormick, a professor of practice and managing director for the university's startup accelerator called Red Labs. 

"So my intention is to go through all of her eras and talk about some of the things that she's done really well in a business sense," said McCormick. "Things like her marketing, her fan engagement, community building, but then also each class to focus and really narrow in on those concepts specifically, or something else that she's done in her career, and talk about how that could be used in your own business." 

McCormick said the course will go over the basics of entrepreneurship while also incorporating how Taylor Swift has capitalized on her marketing skills. 

"They'll get a general introduction to entrepreneurship through the lense of what she's done in her career, but learning about how to engage your customers," said McCormick. "She has fans, but businesses have customers, so how to delight them, how to have a really great brand. How to recreate that brand over time." 

Taylor Swift has an estimated net worth of $1 billion, according to Forbes. Swift made more than $780 million on the U.S. leg of her 2023 tour. The pop artist also released The Eras Tour concert film, which became the highest-grossing concert film in North America. 

"My biggest takeaway from any course honestly that I teach is that if you want to be an entrepreneur, it is a possibility and something you can do," said McCormick. 

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Enrollment is now open for The Entrepreneurial Genius of Taylor Swift. McCormick said so far 67 students have signed up for the course.