United slammed for barring teens with leggings

A dress code requirement by United Airlines that bars "pass travelers" from wearing spandex or Lycra pants such as leggings on a flight isn't sitting well with some people.

Two teenage girls were barred by a gate agent from boarding a United flight from Denver to Minneapolis on Sunday morning because they were wearing leggings, but their father, who was wearing shorts, was allowed to board.

According to United, regularly ticketed passengers -- as was the girls' father-- are not subject to the same dress code, said Jonathan Guerin. 

United posted a response to the controversy Monday on the company website:

"...all employees and pass riders are considered representatives of United. And like most companies, we have a dress code that we ask employees and pass riders to follow. The passengers this morning were United pass riders and not in compliance with our dress code for company benefit travel. We regularly remind our employees that when they place a family member or friend on a flight for free as a standby passenger, they need to follow our dress code. To our regular customers, your leggings are welcome."

Activist Shannon Watts of Denver tweeted that she witnessed Sunday's events and questioned United's decision to police women's clothing.

"The father had shorts on. Two young women in leggings booted from flight and a girl had to put a dress on over leggings in order to board," wrote Watts.

The girls and their father reportedly boarded the flight after the girls had changed their clothing.

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