Union Square riot: NYPD continues search for suspects

The NYPD is continuing its search for suspects in the aftermath of an influencer's giveaway in Union Square that turned into a riot on Friday.

So far, 66 people have been arrested after the riot and authorities say they expect to make more. 

The giveaway was organized by popular Twitch streamer and Bronx native Kai Cenat. Cenat had announced on social media that he would be giving away video game consoles to his fans at an impromptu gathering in Union Square. 

However, as thousands of people showed up to try and get their hands on a PlayStation 5, events turned chaotic and violent.

"Our young people deserve to come out, see the people they admire, and have a good time. It never, ever should have reached the level it did on Friday," NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey said on Good Day New York.

The NYPD is closely examining video footage of the riot to identify and apprehend suspects.

Cenat is facing charges including inciting a riot, among others.