Union: New York State parks need more cops

The union president that represents New York State Park Police told Fox 5 that 16 officers were at Jones Beach Tuesday night for a concert that he ballparked around 10,000. Manny Vilar said that is an example of being understaffed. And not just here; he said it is a statewide problem. He said the state needs to hire more cops.

Aside from the headliners at Jones Beach -- Snoop and Wiz Khalifa -- there was a bit of a sideshow. Video from outside the event shows youngsters doing what they call "going too hard."

In a statement Park Police told us: "Law enforcement has a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking in New York State and our state parks... 75 arrests were made at the August 9 concert at the Nikon Theater at Jones Beach."

While hearing that some folks at the show may have drank or smoked too much may or may not surprise you, what seemed to catch a lot of people off guard was that there were just 16 Park Police officers working the event.

I'm told that Park Police are operating with about 50 percent of the staff that they should have statewide. Vilar said he is just glad nobody was seriously injured.

Nine people were transported to the hospital with alcohol related issues.