Union calls for police commissioner to step down over water incidents

Yet another video has surfaced of NYPD officers getting doused by water on New York City streets. Many in the crowd laughed and cheered, others, including young kids, joined in.

The Sergeants Benevolent Association is now pointing the finger at Police Commissioner James O'Neill. The union's tweets repeatedly changed the spelling of "O'Neill" to "O'Kneel," as a way of implying the top cop has kowtowed to Mayor de Blasio's wishes.

"NYPD has surrendered under O'KNEEL-ANOTHER WATER TOSSING VIDEO. No more MEMO's- DEFEND YOURSELF before YOU get seriously injured or KILLED. These buckets can contain ACID, BLEACH or other CHEMICALS. Obtain exposure numbers. O'KNEEL MUST GO, take the CLOWNS with you! No CONFIDENCE," one tweet from the SBA stated.

Videos of people dousing cops with water have been taken all over the city, and drowning social media all week. Each time the officers showed complete restraint.

The incidents have lead to four arrests. They face charges of criminal mischief, harassment and disorderly conduct.

President Trump reacted on Twitter Thursday and pointed blame at Mayor de Blasio. He wrote that it's time for de Blasio, "to STAND UP for those who protect our lives and serve us all so well."

The mayor fired back with a string of his own tweets. One of them said that the President, "knows NOTHING about his hometown. He never lived a real New York City life. He should get off Twitter and stick to what he's good at: watching TV when he claims to be working."