UK coast guard rescues 2 people clinging to cliff

Two people cried out for help last weekend as they held on to a cliff 131 feet above the ground.

Onlookers heard those cries and called the United Kingdom’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency for help. Boscastle, Hartland and Bude Coastguard Rescue Teams and the agency’s helicopter from Newquay went to help.

A paramedic recovered both people from the cliff without injury and learned the duo had scaled the cliff in an attempt to evade incoming tide.

The agency shared a video of the Oct. 24 rescue on Facebook, using it as a teachable moment.

"Tides can be extremely dangerous if you take your eye off them, sneaking up on you before it’s too late, catching anyone out," the Facebook post said. "And it happens. Every day."

UK Coast Guard rescue

The United Kingdom’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency rescued two people clinging to the side of a cliff on Oct. 24. (Credit: Maritime and Coastguard Agency via Storyful)

The agency said it has helped hundreds of callers who have been cut off and trapped by incoming tides this year. They applaud the decision to call for help, but they said the public can avoid needing to call by checking the tides.

"We’re told tides are at their highest at this time of year, as these two found out to their peril," the agency said.

This story was reported from Atlanta.