Uber now offering car seats

For-hire car service Uber has rolled out a new feature called Uber Family, which offers any customer traveling in New York City the option of hailing a vehicle equipped with a car seat.

FOX 5 News was given an exclusive look at the car seats during a demonstration of how to properly install them.

The car seats are front-facing. The child placed in the seat must meet certain requirements:

1. be at least 12 months old

2. weigh at least 22 lbs. 

3. be at least 31 inches tall

“I think children were traveling unsafely riding in taxis," said Josh Mohrer Uber NY General Manager.

Mohrer, the father of a 2-year-old girl, is credited with the idea of offering a car seat for customers.

Parents told FOX 5 News that they've resorted to placing a child on their lap while riding in the backseat of a cab. Others have carried around heavy car seats to then place in a cab or car service.

It's important to note that rear-facing car seats are the safest for children, according to the American Pediatrics Academy. But being in any car seat is safer than none at all.

Uber Family is also offered in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

The feature in NYC was created in conjunction with the Department of Transportation and advocacy group Safe Kids.