Tyson giving $60M in bonuses to truck drivers, frontline workers

Tyson Foods, Inc. has announced that the company will be thanking its 116,000 frontline workers and truck drivers who have been working tirelessly during the COVID-19 outbreak with about $60 million in bonuses. 

Eligible team members will receive a $500 bonus, payable during the first week of July. 

“We’re proud of how our team members have stepped up during this challenging time to make sure we continue fulfilling our critical mission of feeding people across America,” said Tyson Foods CEO Noel White. “Our company recently relaxed our attendance policy and we encourage our team members to stay at home if they’re exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 infection."

“The bonuses are another way we can say ‘thank you’ for their efforts.”

Workers have been working long hours providing the nation with food as the coronavirus outbreak continues across the U.S. and the world. 

Tyson has made several changes in order to protect their employees during the pandemic.

The company is waiving the 5 consecutive day waiting period for short term disability benefits, so workers can receive pay while they’re sick with the flu or COVID-19. In addition, it is: 

Waiving the co-pay, co-insurance and deductible for doctor visits for COVID-19 testing as well as eliminating pre-approval or preauthorization steps. 

Waiving co-pays for the use of telemedicine. 

Relaxing refill limits for 30-day prescriptions of maintenance medication.  

The company also announced it has committed $13 million to support critical needs in local communities where the company operates in response to the pandemic.