Two dead, five injured after car crash in Brooklyn

Two people are dead and several others have been injured after a car jumped a curb in Brooklyn on Monday afternoon. 

According to authorities, a white Toyota Camry ran a red light on Eighteenth Avenue near 62nd Street at around 12:50 p.m., smashing into a black Honda SUV and causing both cars to hit several pedestrians.

Eyewitnesses claimed the driver was going as fast as 80 miles an hour before the crash.

"I saw a car flying and all of a sudden I turned around and I heard the impact first. I turn around and I see it was like an explosion," said Vito Cornigliaro, a witness.

Two victims were pronounced dead at the scene, while another person was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. Four other people were hospitalized with minor injuries.

One of the drivers is in police custody being detained for questioning however no word yet on what charges he or she could face, if any at all.