Twitter embroiled in debate on name of flavored ice treats

A simple question on Twitter turned into a viral debate over the name of flavored ice popsicles.

Twitter user fetusleen posed the following question with an image of brightly colored flavored ice popsicles: “It’s dead summer. Your mom comes home from the store with these. What do you call these and what is the best color?”

It set off a Twitter debate with some people calling them Otter Pops, others freeze pops, Fla-Vor-Ice, zooper doopers, freezies or simply popsicles.

The company Otter Pops weighed in and said, “We can confirm these are Otter Pops. And all flavors are the best.”



Some people said they’d never heard of Otter Pops. Many other people shared photos of their freezers stocked with the colorful pops, while others posted images of Otter Pops boxes filled with the frozen treats.

National Pax, the company that originally owned Otter Pops, created the brand in 1970 to compete with Fla-Vor-Ice treats. But in 1996, the rights to Otter Pops were acquired by the company that owned Fla-Vor-Ice.

The Twitter user eventually made their account private, ending the thread and the fiery debate on the name for the flavored ice.