Twins ball boy makes incredible catch, saves fans behind him

Kenneson Nelson has been a ball boy for the Minnesota Twins for over 3 years. But on Tuesday night, in a stadium filled with professional athletes, Nelson made the catch of the night.

"It was just a bang bang thing. Hard to put into words what I was feeling. It was all such a blur," Nelson said.

Nelson was sitting along the first baseline when a Baltimore Orioles player hit a line drive towards the stands. That's when Nelson leaped into action, leaving his feet and diving over the fence, to catch the foul ball about a foot from an unsuspecting fan.

"I was really just looking out for the people behind me. There were kids and a couple of old people. I didn't want them to get hurt. So I just did my best to do what I could to catch the ball," Nelson said.

After the catch, Nelson got his own instant replay with the announcers commenting on his quick thinking and quicker reflexes. He says he gave the ball to the fan's younger brother to keep as a souvenir of his close call.

"He sat there in shock like 'this kid saved me'. He came up to me later and said thanks for saving my life. I said no problem. If you had a glove you would have caught that, " Nelson said.

Since the game, Major League Baseball's video clip of the catch has gone viral, with nearly 400,000 views on YouTube alone. Some fans are saying the Twins should add the high-flying ball boy to their struggling roster.

"Maybe it was the catch of the night. The whole roster thing is just all funny. I know that. Its fun to see people saying that. Its great,"  said Nelson.

Nelson is working a couple of jobs to save money to go to Century College in the fall, where he hopes to play baseball.

His younger brother is also on track to become a ball boy for the Twins. Nelson hopes they'll be able to work a few games together before school starts.