TWA Hotel will be a throwback to 1960s

A rebirth at Kennedy Airport is underway. The TWA Flight Center built in 1962 by legendary architect Eero Saarinen is being transformed into a $265 million hotel. When it is finished, it will include two new buildings with 505 rooms, a rooftop pool, an observation deck where guests can watch planes take off, eight restaurants, and six bars. A massive undertaking? You bet.

The iconic flight center was commissioned by billionaire Howard Hughes. The gull-winged terminal designed to look like a plane taking off was considered the crown jewel of the Jet Age.

When it was built, money was no object. But eventually, deregulation changed flying and in 2001 the airline was grounded. Saved from the wrecking ball twice, the landmarked building will house a museum with memorabilia.

The new hotel will harken back to the 1960s, so the press was transported to the model rooms in vintage cars. Because the airline launched on May 28, the model room number is 528. The rooms will start at $250 a night. Each one will have a martini bar.

While you may think that a hotel airport isn't the quietest place in town, the double-thick glass will separate your sweet dreams from the noise of the tarmac.

The TWA Hotel is scheduled to open early next year. The goal is to evoke the glamour of the Jet Age while providing the convenience of the 21st century.