Turkey storms into and destroys dentist's office

No one loves going to the dentist, but this is a bit of an overreaction.

turkey reportedly made a bit of a mess at a dentist’s office in California. Apparently, the animal was known to hang out near the building, although the workers at the office weren’t prepared for it to come inside.

One of the managers of the dental office in Fair Oaks, Calif., says that she was having a normal day when, out of nowhere, the bird crashed through the windows of the office, the New York Post reports. Apparently, the bird entered with so much force that the woman thought the bird had been thrown into the building.

Donna McDonald told the Sacramento Bee, "I thought it actually got hit by a car."

McDonald says that she found the bird stuck in the patient waiting area, which was thankfully empty at the time. According to the shocked woman, the turkey was scratching and clawing up the walls, causing a significant amount of damage.

Animal control was called, although they reportedly had trouble wrangling the wild bird. Fortunately, the turkey was eventually captured and removed from the office.

One animal expert theorized that the turkey may have seen its own reflection in the office’s window and attacked. Apparently, the turkey was part of a larger gaggle and its mating season for the birds, which would account for the potentially aggressive behavior.

As for the waiting room, it will reportedly need the walls repaired and repainted. Also, shattered glass reportedly ended up cutting up some of the chairs and will require deep cleaning to fully remove.

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