TSA unveils 3D scanners to speed up checkpoints at Newark Airport

On Tuesday, TSA officials unveiled new 3D checkpoint scanners that provide enhanced images of the contents inside carry-on luggage.

Since May, TSA has seen multiple days break into the top 10 busiest days in the agency’s history and that number is only expected to go up as the summer continues.

The new scanners are equipped to improve detection and save travelers time. 

The images can be viewed and rotated 360 degrees on three axes, allowing a very thorough visual analysis. 

All of this is possible without removing the contents of the carry-on.

This new technology creates such a clear image that the system can automatically detect explosives, including liquids, by taking hundreds of pictures with an X-ray camera. This provides TSA officers with three-dimensional views of what's inside a bag.

The imaging system is designed to prevent incidents from happening.  

Recently, a New Jersey man was caught with a loaded gun inside his book bag at Newark Liberty International airport last week, according to authorities. 

Luckily, a TSA officer discovered the .45 caliber handgun in the bag as it passed through an x-ray machine at a Terminal A security checkpoint. 

In addition to better and quicker detection, the new technology adds convenience so that travelers can leave electronics inside their carry-ons. 

TSA officials expect numbers to go up on Friday ahead of the July 4th weekend and say they are fully equipped for the high traffic. 

"We do expect that this weekend we will exceed that and set a new record," one official said.