Trump wishes Comey 'luck'; tensions with Sessions

The White House is unable to dim the growing glare of the Russia investigation. It is clouding Donald Trump's administration as key hearings begin this week. Phrases like "obstruction of justice" are being tossed around.

Trump said he wished the FBI director he fired "luck" on his testimony before the Senate intelligence committee planned for Thursday. The much-anticipated appearance centers on the Russian interference in the U.S. election. Lawmakers will most certainly ask James Comey if the president asked him to end it or if the president pressured him to stop looking into Russia's ties to fired national security advisor Michael Flynn.

All this comes as multiple reports, including one in the New York Times, that indicate the president is becoming increasingly unhappy with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from the ongoing Russia probe because of his ties to Moscow are also being looked at.

A reporter asked White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer if the president is losing confidence in the attorney general. Spicer said he has not had conversations with the president about that.

A spokesman for the Department Of Justice said Sessions is not stepping down.

The Russia probe is overshadowing the administration's push to pass health care and tax reform. Republicans say that pushback from Democrats is also slowing down the White House agenda.

Several key players are testifying before the Senate intelligence committee Wednesday, including National Intelligence Director Dan Coats. The Washington Post reported that the president asked Coats to talk to Comey about ending the Russia probe.