Trump wants to win tristate; polls say he won't

Donald Trump is hoping New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will do something they haven't done in years and help put a republican nominee over the top in the general election.

While campaigning in Connecticut this weekend, Trump reminisced about his unprecedented Republican primary wins. Throughout the 2016 race, Trump has insisted his one-of-a-kind candidacy could create a first-of-its-kind election map, allowing him to win states republicans normally don't.

The problem though, at least when it comes to our area, is that the numbers don't seem to back him up. A new poll from Siena College shows Hillary Clinton crushing Trump in New York State by 30 points; 57 to 27. And the latest polls out of New Jersey and Connecticut both show trump trailing Clinton.

What is more, trump is not only trailing in his self-declared important tristate area, he is also playing catchup in the traditional battleground states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida.

But through it all, trump joked with Connecticut voters that if he doesn't win, he'll know who to blame.

"I will never ever forgive the people of Connecticut," he said.