Trump to Abbas: 'very good chance' for Israeli-Palestinian peace

In a meeting at the White House Wednesday, President Donald Trump told Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that he sees a "very good chance" for Israeli-Palestinian peace in his lifetime and that "we will get it done."

Trump added that he'd "do whatever is necessary" to reach a Mideast peace agreement and that he'd "love to be a mediator, an arbitrator or a facilitator" between the two sides. He said "we want to create peace" and he believes "we will get it done."

"I'm committed to working with Israel and the Palestinians to reach an agreement," Trump said. "But any agreement cannot be imposed by the United States or by any other nation. The Palestinians and Israelis must work together to reach an agreement that allows both peoples to live, worship, and thrive and prosper in peace."

Trump offered no details about his plans to do what Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama all failed to do.

Abbas praised Trump for his "leadership," ''wisdom," and more.

"Our strategic option, our strategic choice is to bring about peace based on the vision of two states, a Palestinian state, with its capital of east Jerusalem, that lives in peace and stability with the state of Israel based on the borders of 1967," Abbas said through an interpreter.

The big problem is that Israel rejects the 1967 border lines for security reasons and also objects to other Palestinian demands.

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