Trump returns home after overseas trip

President Trump wrapped up his maiden overseas trip, calling it a 'home run,’ but many issues - both old and new - are awaiting him in Washington D.C.

Five stops in nine days- President Trump is headed back to the U.S.

POTUS addressed troops at the Sigonella Naval Air Station in Sicily before returning home, noting the recent attacks in Manchester, England and Egypt as a way to emphasize the need to defeat terrorism.

“Terrorism is a threat, bad threat. To all of humanity and together we will overcome this threat. We will win," he said.

Earlier in the day, Trump tweeted he will be making a final decision on the climate pact- formally known as the Paris accord next week.

European leaders he met with at the G7 Summit in Sicily have been pressuring Trump to stay in the accord.

The president also called on NATO nations to spend more on defense.

"The U.S. is currently paying much more than any other nation - and that is not fair to the United States or the United States taxpayer - so we're working on it, and I will tell you a big difference over the last year, money is actually starting to pour into NATO from countries that would not have been doing what they're doing now," he said.

Outside of a decision on the climate agreement, Trump is facing a new handful of Russia controversies once he returns home.

On Friday the Washington Post reported senior advisor Jared Kushner spoke with Russia's ambassador to the U.S. about setting up secret communications with Moscow.

Kushner's lawyers have said he will cooperate with the newly appointed special counsel.