True Good Samaritans help woman raped by man posing as Good Samaritan

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A man posed as a Good Samaritan to break up a fight between a woman and her boyfriend. But once he got her alone, she says he took her to an abandoned home and raped her.

The 18-year-old woman had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend at the corner of Hubbel Avenue and Plymouth Road on July 10. A couple of people stopped to help break up the fight. One of them was a man who became the suspect accused or raping the woman.

Another woman who was with the man vouched for him and told the woman that the man would drive her home. She told the victim he was a member of her church and that he's a good man and visits her home.

The victim got into the man's 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix but he didn't take her home. She said he drove her to a gas station and then to an abandoned home about a mile away on Foley Street. That's where authorities say she was sexually assaulted.

After the assault, the woman ran to a woman's home for help.

"She just had on a tee shirt and nothing else," the unidentified woman said. "She was crying hysterically. You could see it on her face."

Neighbors called the cops who showed up and got photos of the suspect's car. The vehicle was spotted on camera at that gas station they stopped at.

On Wednesday, a group of true Good Samaritans helped the victim. Jermaine said he recognized the man from a sketch. He was inside a gas station at Plymouth and Hubbell on Wednesday morning.

"I wanted to get him. I wanted to get him. I'm tired of hearing about girls getting raped," Jermaine said. "If he's out here raping women he should be dealt with!"

When he saw the man, he ran across the street where an off-duty cop was getting his hair cut. So he told him what was going on.

Then Jermaine and his friends confronted the man at a home on Marlowe.

"When I pulled up on him I just wanted to hop out and snatch him," he said.

"I asked him did he rape the girl and we told him detectives were already on their way," Jermaine's friend, Ian, said.

Just minutes later, that off-duty police officer showed up with back up and knocked on his door. They arrested the man at the house.

Jermaine said the man said he didn't do it but they didn't believe him for a second.

"Because I could see the fear in his eyes - I could see that he was shaking and everything," Jermaine said.

News of the arrest reached neighbors on Manor, just steps away from where that young woman was raped.

"They actually had the courage to chase him down and make sure that car stay there. Thank you," the woman who helped the victim said.

Jermaine and her friends who helped the woman have a message for the victim.

"God bless you. Sorry that happened to you. I wish I could've been there when it was happening I would've helped you. I would've done whatever - I would have out my life on the line," Jermaine said.

The man was arrested but his name has not been released.