Trina Merry: Art with bodies and backgrounds

Artist Trina Merry creates images that intrigue, perplex, and delight. As a body painter, she creates one-of-a-kind works of art. In most of them, she paints people into a background.

Look closely at the painting called Brooklyn Bridge. Can you see the woman in the middle? And check out one of the New York City skylines.

As interesting as her works are, she discovered body painting by accident after being struck by lightning. Trina was originally interested in fine art. Then she saw a Kadinsky exhibit at the Guggenheim and knew she was on the right track.

With sold out art shows and works in the Whitney, I was excited to check out her process. On the day I visited, Trina used an assistant to speed up the process, which usually takes several hours. Finally, a finished product inspired a double take.