Tracking your child's every move with an app

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In a city the size of New York, it is easy to lose track of things. But the worst thought a parent could have is not being able to find their own child. That is why more and more parents are taking advantage of the latest technology so they will know exactly where their kids are at all times.

In just 2 short years Nancy Horn's son ben will be taking the subway to middle school. That is why Nancy plans to get Ben a GPS tracker -- something he can carry with him to let her know he is okay.

Thanks to smart phones and a new batch of kid-friendly smart watches and GPS devices, Ben and Nancy have a lot of options to stay connected.

Tom's Guide security writer Paul Wagenseil recommends the Pocketfinder or the Trax GPS tracker. Both retail between $150 and $200. He says they slip into a child's backpack or pocket and ping out a GPS signal to your phone.

But if you're looking for more than just a ping, check out Verizon's Gizmo Pal 2, a touchscreen customizable smartwatch that links to an app on your phone.  Parents can plug in up to 10 phone numbers, preset text messages. It even lets your kid record voice messages to your phone. The gizmo pal 2 retails between $80 and $150.