Touring company shows evolution of tap dancing

For 75 years New York City Center in Midtown has been the epicenter for arts and culture. To celebrate this milestone, several performances are lined up. 

“This is the dance of making music. We are not just dancers we are musicians who are interfacing with bands,” said Michelle Dorrance. 

Dorrance Dance is a touring tap dance company Michelle Dorrance found in 2010. She is well known in the dancing community for her ambitious collaborative projects. 

When she was younger she crossed paths with Brenda Bufalino, another well-known dancer, who choreographed one of the featured dance numbers. 

“What’s beautiful about this company is the physicality they bring to it. It’s really tap and dance,” said Brenda Bufalino. 

Like many things, tap dancing has evolved. Dorrance is embracing that, taking the audience through the traditional style of tap and then to the more modern. 

“They can make sounds like they’re talking. Their feet are their instrument,” said Bill Irwin. 

Irwin, another known dancer, choreographed one number and will perform another alongside Dorrance. 

“Tap is vast and deep and has unbelievable edges and softness. I just hope people have a larger love, appreciation and understanding of and for tap dance,” said Dorrance. 

Dorrance Dance is taking center stage March 28 - March 30 at New York City Center in Midtown.