Top trending baby names of 2024: Here’s what’s rising in popularity

If you’re due to have a baby this year, you may want to consider one of these names. 

Laura Wattenberg, the creator of Namerology, recently announced several baby names that will be trending in 2024. 

By tracking pop-culture names and what’s rising in the official statistics, Wattenberg gathered 20 names that will be trending in 2024.

"Names don't exist in a vacuum," Wattenberg told FOX Television Stations, adding, "Even a celebrity name will only take off if it's a style that parents are already looking for." 

Baby names ending in -a and -o

She revealed that parents are looking for names with an "unconventional sound or rhythm" such as names ending in -a like Koa, Luca and Ira, and girls' names ending in -o like Halo, Juno and Indigo.


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"The one thing all American baby namers seem to agree on today is that we all want to be different from one another," Wattenberg continued. "Everyone wants distinctive names that stand out." 

Nature and old-fashioned baby girl names on the rise

Wattenberg said she’s also expecting a rise in modern nature names including Wren, Juniper, Aurora and Dove for girls. 

Cute old-fashioned names like Millie, Josie, Winnie and Nellie will continue to make a comeback as well, according to the naming expert.

Surname-styled and Neo-cowboy names for baby boys

For boys, Wattenberg said that surname-styled names will continue to be popular. 

"Parents will be looking for new choices that push the style envelope. (Sorry, Tyler and Ryan!)," she added. "Neo-cowboy names like Stetson and Colter and swift surnames like Cade and Hayes are up-and-coming styles." 

Names from the popular television series "Yellowstone" including Dutton and Tate fit the trends for both neo-cowboy and swift surnames. 

20 baby names rising in popularity

What is out for 2024

"We're at a style transition point," Wattenberg shared, adding that dominant sounds of the past generation, like boys' names ending in -n, are starting to give way. 

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"Think of how many different popular names rhymed with Aidan: Jayden, Braden, Kaden, Hayden, in every possible spelling," she continued. "Right now we're looking for the next big trend – and anything goes." 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.