Top 10 hottest toys for 2018

More than 300 product submissions later, these toys are our Top 10!

This is not your average dollhouse. With five rooms, a winding staircase, working doorbell and overhead entry light, Playmobil City Life Modern House is the perfect place to call home. The 18-inch tall set comes with two figures, a dog, grill with food, a lounge chair, table and chairs, a plant and utensils. Oh… and don't forget to check the mailbox for letters from friends and family. The playhouse got top marks for giving a traditional play pattern a modern twist.
$100 |

Take turns painting, drawing, and collaging... creating an original piece of abstract art "together." Players use cards, dice, art supplies, and a color wheel with a series of card prompts in Tag the Art Game. When is your masterpiece complete? Only when the cards tell you it's finished.
$19.99 - $39.99 |

This might be the coolest racing experience. The Max Flex remote control track allows your little racer to reshape the flexible track, adding twists and curves. Plus the car leaves a visible glowing light trail behind as it races into action.
$60 |

Check out this fun way to learn about money, savings and math. Real Workin’ Buddies Mr. Banks is your personal ATM -- an armored truck machine. He counts, sorts and stacks your coins and his motorized mouth eats your bills to keeps them safe.
$40 |

Lego moves beyond building with the DC Super Heroes app-controlled Batmobile. Build the Batmobile and then move it. Download the app to control the vehicle from your smartphone or tablet. Drive forwards, backwards, left and right… even do 360-degree turns.
$100 |

The Pop Oh Ver pretend kitchen stove set is the perfect ingredient for make-believe fun without a permanent setup. Simply tie the canvas over a household chair and you're cooking. The chair becomes a stove with burners on top, an oven on the front and a microwave at the top. Play all day then put it away.
$40 |

Help your kid become the smartest artist with the Smart Sketcher projector. It puts the fun of drawing, tracing, and writing into the hands of kids. Use the app to turn any photo into a smart sketch.
$59 |

The Sky Viper Scout has hobby-grade performance with easy-to-fly features. The new surface scan technology dramatically increasing stability. That means your drone will stay in one spot, even when you let go of the controls. Plus, it's has auto launch and land, one-touch stunts, and the ability to stream and record HD video.
$100 |

Experience thrill rides in a whole new way with this coaster. Build the K'nex Bionic Blast toy roller coaster then take your play to a new level and ride it. In a new twist to K'nex, download the free app for the virtual reality viewer.
$90 |

Don't choose. Have the best of both worlds with this 2-in-1 electric scooter and mini bike. Sit when you want to sit or stand when you want to stand. The VIRO Rides Vega bike transforms between scooter and mini bike modes with just the push of a button. Plus, it folds up for easy transport.
$275 |

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