Toddler's drowning sparks water safety awareness

It was the end of summer 2015 and the Pfeffer family—including Mom, Dad and, at the time, twins Harley and Samantha, 8, and Saige, 2—were wrapping up another summer vacation at their rental home in the Hamptons.

On the morning of Sept. 2, Saige woke up with her mommy and daddy.

"I remember kissing her on the lips when she woke and she was so happy to be in our bed," Heather Landau said.

The Pfeffers decided to leave their backyard pool that day and head to the beach with some friends.

"She loved that pool and she knew how much we all loved being there and that's where she wanted to be," Daniel Pfeffer said.

As they packed up the car, Saige suddenly vanished. The family's first thought was the pool. Saige was face down.

Her parents, both former lifeguards, did everything they could to save their little girl that day.

"I can remember flat out they said you're going to talk about this at her wedding," Heather said.

The Pfeffers' life would never be the same.

They spent months in therapy trying to heal from the loss of their youngest child.

Two years ago, Heather and Daniel welcomed baby Xylie who brings joy amongst their sadness.

After years of grief, the Pfeffers decided to take their tragedy and make a difference. This year, the Spreading Smiles for Saige foundation will help bring awareness to water safety. They are giving out Water Guardian tags to pediatricians and all municipal pools across Westchester County.

The tags are meant to be worn by any parent or guardian designated to monitor at-risk children (under the age of 5 or with special needs, especially during the non-swim time.