Todd Rundgren has foundation to support young musicians

Music legend Todd Rundgren is in New York to perform a benefit concert.

The 68-year-old rocker has been performing since the early 1970s and produced a string of hits including 1983's "Bang the Drum All Day," which is still played at sporting events today.

He's now working to give back to young musicians to help fulfill their dreams. In 2013, Rundgren started the Spirit of Harmony Foundation. It's a national non-profit that is a matchmaker of sorts. It finds organizations that have resources to donate to needy music education programs.

"We've set up a database of essentially needs and resources and so if someone needs something, and it isn't always money, sometimes they just need guitar strings or sheet music or something like that, that we can help connect them with the resource they need," Rundgren says.

Rundgren has often used cutting edge recording techniques for the work he has produced and even animated one of his own videos using a computer.

He's been rehearsing for a Jan. 17 show at the Cutting Room on 32nd Street in Manhattan. Rundgren was to perform with several famed artists, including some original members of his one-time band Utopia.

The proceeds will all go to his foundation.