Times Square 'kiss cam' attracting gropers

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The Revlon sign that folks are calling a "kiss cam" has become one of the biggest attractions in Times Square -- even for gropers. People gather beneath for a group photo. But what's happening inside those groups is one of the biggest crimes in the area, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said.

The camera is turned off for the night after reports it wasn't just tourists standing and puckering up for the giant group photos. Bratton said officers arrested at least four men recently for groping and molesting women who were taking pictures on the big screen.

The news comes as the NYPD has plans to increase the number of officers in the square to help regulate costumed characters and topless women panhandling. Bratton said the department is also asking Revlon to shut its camera off after 8 p.m. when most of those crimes happened.

In a statement, Revlon said it is following the NYPD's lead on this matter and will continue to do so.