What is TikTok time blocking?

One of the latest viral trends on TikTok, an app not exactly known to increase productivity, is aimed at doing exactly that.  It's called, "Time Blocking."

Clinical social worker Jason Drake says that while time blocking is nothing new, it can be a powerful time management tool.

"You take your 'To-Do List' items, that's your professional to-do list items or your personal to-do list items, and then you take blocks of time throughout the week and you schedule in those 'To-Do List' items in those blocks of time," says Drake. "Once we're able to plan and be proactive in our planning for those 'To-Do List' items, it lowers stress and decreases anxiety."

The simplistic nature of time blocking isn't the only reason it's gotten so popular.

"It increases productivity and allows for more creativity," adds Drake. "It just takes a little bit of preplanning and you can take all those things that normally cause stress--and you've got a roadmap for how you're going to complete all those things throughout the week."  

It's probably not a coincidence that the organizational tool became so popular during the pandemic as Drake suggests people may have been looking for more ways to increase predictability and increase control in their life.

The technique is also beneficial for teens and adults alike.

"We find with teenagers and young adults--these kind of organizational skills can be used for their assignments, tests, quizzes and finals."

Those who are highly motivated and organized will have success with Time Blocking. This method can also help those who struggle with procrastination, but they must really commit to the exercise.