TikTok sensation Pop Up Bagels takes NYC by storm

New Yorkers are used to having to stand in line for a lot of things, but would you stand in line for one of the most easily-found foods in the city, a bagel?

Well, plenty of people are doing just that for a chance to get their hands on a bagel from Pop Up Bagels in Greenwich Village.

Owner Adam Goldberg, who started Pop Up Bagels a few years ago, is amazed by the enthusiasm of his customers. 

"I always say it's an hour wait, or 30-minute wait. I appreciate that. Please don't feel like you have to," Goldberg said. 

While the bagel spot has been around for a while, it is the recent TikTok hype that has catapulted it into internet stardom.

Regardless of the day of the week, whether it is when the store opens at 7 AM or when it closes at 2 PM, Pop Up Bagels has a long line of patrons eager to taste their delightful creations.